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The industry’s only online training for specifically designed for Home Health Aides

ReadyHHA prepares students to work as Certified Home Health Aides (HHAs) in variety of home and community based settings including:

  • Home Care
  • Adult Family Home
  • Adult Day Care
  • Group Home
  • Assisted Living
  • Continuous Care Retirement Center (CCRC)
A HHA is helping a senior with walking

The Power of Story

Our story-based content is the only training experience that provides real life immersion and preparation for the emotional and physical challenges to be successful as a home health aide.

Core Features

Provides video based online training to prepare new students for certification

Meets all federal and state criteria, pairing perfectly with any lab and clinical requisites

Includes quizzes and tests so you know how students are learning

User friendly & audit ready tracking and student progress reporting

A student is training online to become a HHA

What Does It Include?

  • Meets all federal and state requirements for home health aide certificate (HHA) training
  • Purpose built content especially for home health aide training - not generic!
  • Entry-level and bridge options available
  • Up to 60 hours of video based training - hours vary based on your state’s requirements
  • Pairs perfectly with in-person lab and clinical requirements, if required by your state
  • High fidelity, cinematic storybased learning
  • Psychometrically centered quizzes and auto-graded tests
  • Integrated soft skills training throughout including empathy, problem solving, de-escalating conflict, time management, and much more
  • Content developed by RNs and other professional subject matter experts
  • Students access online learning from anywhere, anytime on our user friendly learning management system (LMS)
  • Compatible with all student devices including laptops, tablets, phones, computers
  • Audit ready tracking and reporting features to meet all state requirements
  • End of course certificates for students

Students Master Competencies Like:

  • Taking vital signs -  blood pressure, pulse, respiration
  • Preventing common home health aide injuries like falls and back strains
  • Assisting with all activities of daily living like eating, toileting, walking, bathing
  • Preparing meals that honor individual preferences and diet restrictions
  • Supporting individuals living with memory loss, dementia, Alzheimers
  • Maintaining skin integrity and preventing pressure ulcers
  • Handwashing and infection control
  • Using gloves and other PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • Assisting individuals using oxygen
  • Performing transfers like moving from bed to wheelchair
  • Supporting an individual through death and dying
  • Understanding the basics of body systems
  • Recognizing when to report a change in the individual
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities of home health aides, nurses, and other health professionals
  • Knowing the basics of fire safety
  • Assisting with medications
  • Communicating effectively with the individual and family members
  • Maintaining professional boundaries
  • Supporting individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities
  • Honoring differences: Supporting individuals whose religious beliefs, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, for example, are different than the HHA’s.
  • Dressing and personal hygiene to stay professional
  • Supporting individuals living with chemical sensitivities
  • Managing time for home health aides
  • Plus much more!

How Does It Work?

Your students take the theory (classroom) portion of the course online anywhere, anytime
Track your students progress and see how they perform on tests
Easily build your course schedule to pair online theory and in-person lab or clinical, if required

20X learning retention through industry’s only story-based, cinematic training

Training is great, but what is even better is when students remember and apply what they learned on-the-job, right? Scientists, have discovered that students are more than 20X likely to remember what they learned when taught through story vs. traditional training methods. That is why we are proud to offer Hollywood style, story-based content that students love (and remember)!

Why You'll Love Cinematic Health

Story-based learning

Students are 20X more likely to remember what they learn through story! That means better on-the-job success.

Pre-configured content

Don't waste time trying to assemble content to meet complex state and federal requirements! Our products are "ready to go".

Meets all federal and state requirements

Get state approval fast!  We have a 100% approval track record.

Integrated Soft Skills

Soft skills can make or break caregiver success on the job. That's why we don't limit these skills to a single module, but continuously reinforce throughout.

Learn how ReadyHHA can fit into your training experience!