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The Residents: The Unparalleled Essence of ReadyCNA

‘The Residents’ is an extraordinary component of ReadyCNA that distinguishes our content. Immerse your CNA students in captivating Hollywood-quality videos that forge emotional connections and provide a meaningful framework for all course materials.

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Purpose Built to Tackle the Acute Labor Shortage

ReadyCNA is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively address the acute labor shortage faced by most long-term care facilities.

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Typical annual CNA turnover rate
Leading Age
Turnover rate in the first 90-120 days
Institute for the Future of Aging Services
Amount of capital spent on turnover is 25% of Annual CNA compensation
Institute for the Future of Aging Services

The Demand is Rising

The Institute for the Future of Aging Services estimates that there are approximately 75,000 current job vacancies, and this demand is exacerbated by a very high annual turnover rate. By 2029, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects to see 1.7M job openings for CNAs.

Why Train In-House?

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Why Train CNAs In-House?


You can avoid travel expenses and hold larger group sessions, resulting in cost reduction.

Time Saving

Conveniently scheduled classes minimize work disruption for your organization.

Improved ROI

Immediate application of learned skills offers a high return on investment.

Consistent Quality of Care

Shared training across employees promotes consistent work quality and customer service.

Increased Engagement

In-house training encourages team interaction and engagement, fostering teamwork.

Operational Uniformity

In-house training ensures that all employees receive the same training, which helps to maintain consistency in the quality of work and customer service.

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The ReadyCNA Training Curriculum Includes a High-quality, Interactive, and Video-based Online Offering that:

Gives the flexibility of online learning for working adults

Features short, impactful movie episodes to engage students

Teaches content with a multi-modal approach

Fosters empathy and emotion through storytelling

Based on Real Case Studies

'The Residents' is a three-hour, Hollywood-quality movie that depicts the life of a newly hired CNA over the course of her first year. Chapters are driven by eight real life case studies, taking place in a nursing home setting.

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