Cinematic Health was founded to address the critical training needs of patient facing roles that are dependent on acquiring the soft skills in order to be successful.

Trained CNA helping a client

The question Cinematic Health set out to answer was how can technology be utilized to train students holistically, teaching the content and the soft skills needed to be successful in their positions.

Through the development of a unique online, story-based approach, Cinematic Health addresses the training and employment challenges associated with this exploding market, teaching the content as well as the soft skills like relationship development, empathy and compassion.

Unlike other curriculum providers, we seek to help students acquire the skills needed to be successful in their jobs and gain understanding of the emotional and social aspects involved in their careers through our unique cinematic storytelling methodology, bringing the healthcare setting with its rewards and challenges to the student in a flexible and highly-engaging way.

Trained HHA having a conversation with a client
Trained PCA helping a client get on a wheelchair

As a result, our partners are able to provide a training program that teaches all of the content and soft skills for a student to be successful, well-prepared and highly-skilled – important criteria for decreasing turnover and increasing satisfaction levels for patients, families, and employees.

Our Vision

Cinematic Health’s vision is to apply our cinematic approach to the development of the most comprehensive catalog of training and certification programs for allied health professionals, including nursing assistants, home health aides and personal care aides. We believe this life-affecting, affordable training curriculum can address many of the market’s toughest challenges, leading to greater retention and better skilled healthcare workers.