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Interview for a CNA position

Essential Traits for Top CNA Candidates: A Guide to Hiring Excellence

Hiring Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in today’s constantly evolving healthcare environment is complex and challenging. The competitive hiring landscape, regulatory and policy changes, and technological advancements are just a few of the challenges you face. While it used to be enough to find a CNA with excellent technical qualifications and the ability to care for elderly residents or patients, this approach is no longer enough.

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Cultural Competence Training for CNAs: A Diverse Approach

Cultural competence training for CNAs is essential in creating a more inclusive and understanding healthcare environment. This blog explores the importance of diversity education and training in the workforce.

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RN Training CNAs on cultural competence
A healthcare team discusses new CMS staffing mandates.

Meeting Nursing Home Staffing Mandates: How ReadyCNA Can Help

The White House recently finalized a new rule setting minimum staffing requirements for nurse aides and registered nurses (RNs). This means facilities nationwide must ensure they have enough qualified staff to deliver high-quality care to residents.

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Effective Strategies to Recruit and Retain Top Nursing Assistants

Are you always looking for new CNA recruitment and retention strategies? If so, you’re not alone. Many long-term care facilities look for strategies to recruit and retain top CNAs. With the demand for skilled CNAs outpacing supply, a well-structured talent acquisition strategy might be your missing secret weapon.

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